Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So here we are, another test of my endurance, and I failed. Today when I went to start our passports, I was told that the consent forms for Robert's passport wasn't notarized correctly. How does a notary mess up, you ask? They didn't fill in the part with the signing party's ID info, that's how. I start crying, because I've been overwelmed with a lot of stuff and doing everything on my own. The passport agaent then tells me not to get upset with her, because it's not her fault. I tell her I'm not upset with her, that I'm just upset and to just let me be upset.
I've been through so much while Oz has been in Korea. In August my car wouldn't go into gear, and it was the day of Bella's birthday party. In September, I got really sick and had to go to the emergency room and was sick for over a week. In November I had my first argument with Phil about money and us moving to Germany. In February Bella got mastoiditis and was sick for 3 weeks. During the months of December, January and February, I'm going back and forth to the courthouse getting all the guardian papers completed for Dylan. From January to March I'm getting all our overseas clearance papers done and being led back and forth to people who apparently don't know their jobs. And in April, Phil gives me papers that he's taking me to court for Robert, my back goes out and I can't even do our passports! I wish Oz was here to help me or that something would just go smoothly. Please, God, is that too much to ask?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday's Prayer

I know I ask for many things, I am grateful for all my answered prayers. Father, please relieve my back pain. I know I should be more careful, but I do believe with all the stress I've been under, and my mind going over things, is the reason I lifted Bella wrong and am now having to take it easy. Please just let me get well enough to get through the next 2 months.
Lord, please be with Oz as he is finishing all his outprocessing from Korea. Let him make it home to me and our kids safely. Please be with Bella's therapist, Toby, as she starts her new job. Thank you for helping her find a job where she can work less and be with her family more. Her boys are at a age where they need their mother to help them make right decisions. Father, help heal all my friends that are sick and all others that are sick. With all that is going on in the world today, I feel more people should turn to you. Maybe then this world will be a safer place and a more enjoyable place for all. Thank you, Father, for all the blessings you bestow upon me. Amen.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Prayer for the day

Lord, thank you for being there for me all the time. Thank you for my Oz and my children. I'd like to ask you to help my friend Katie Withrow. She's in the hospital and pregnent. Her husband is deployed, and I know the added stress is not good for her or baby. I ask that you be with her and heal her. I'd also like to pray for my friend Kim Cirone. She was in a car accident and is now feeling pain. Help to heal her and her children. Her husband is also deployed. I ask also that you watch over Robert this weekend, because he will be with his dad, Phil. Help Phil to be alert and have him keep Robert close to him. I don't want another stranger to touch my son again. Please be with all my friends and my children and myself. Thank you, Father. Amen.