Saturday, May 3, 2008

I cherish you

Cherish your human connections: your relationships with friends and family.-Barbara Bush

As we get closer to Oz leaving, I've been reflecting a lot. The first year we were here, at Nellis, I didn't have many friends. It wasn't until Robert started school, and I met Elizabeth Antes, that I found a friend that I could connect with. Through every deployment, she helped to keep me sane...and now she's leaving. I'm happy for her, but sad. I wish she was going overseas, too. But I'm excited for her...she gets a new adventure. I will miss our shopping trips, our movie nights and our outings with our kids in tow. But most of all, I will miss her just stopping by to chit chat, vent, or check up on me. You and your family will always have a place in our home. I will always remember you being there and going to evaluations for Bella, going with me to Cali to see her doctor and everything else you've done for me.
Another friendship I cherish is my friendship with Christina Rizzo. The first night we met we shared a bottle of wine. I remember you bringing over lunch or dinner for me and the kids while Oz was deployed...I really appreciate that. I will always be grateful to you and Vince, especially because though you both don't seem comfortable with kids, when Bella wanted you to hold her, you both just lifted her up and looked comfortable with her in your arms. And you even let Bella be part of our sleepover when Vince was deployed. That was a great night, even if we were numb in the face.;p
Ahh...and let me tell you about my cherished friend, Nicole Apel. We have proven our friendship is stronger than gossip and military wife drama. Nicole came over for dinner when Oz came home from his first deployment. She was quiet and it took her awhile to open up to me. We've had many great times. Dancing, swimming, stamping, walking, the list goes on. Her and Christina have been to my house for quite a few holidays and birthdays, ufc and poker nights. One of our last nights with Tina, it was just the 3 of us. New Year's Eve and a movie. I really enjoyed that night...I can't believe we finished all those brownies, just the 3 of us! Now Nicole and I are going to be reunited in Germany! It must be fate...our husbands love each other, the kids love each other, we're just one big happy family! It's great!
Then there's Vivian Gamboa. We met right after Oz came home from his first deployment. We both lived in Manch Manor and we clicked right away. We're both from Cali and our husbands are oober ambitious. Our kids also get along very well. I remember Viv inviting us over for, when was the last time we made that? I haven't made it since we've moved from that old house. I will miss Viv and here family a lot. You've done so many favors for me, I am more that happy to return the favor. I enjoy our walks, and our talks. It's all great! Thanks for being an awesome friend. I hope you get overseas to be with us!
Then there's my Angie Lilavois...simply awesome and strong. I always feel like I want to protect you, but you always prove to me you can do it all by yourself and that you are stronger than I can ever be. You're beautiful, creative and a great mom. I miss our movie nights, our long talks over a bottle of wine, going crazy with our kids running circles around us. I also miss our nights working out. I felt motivated and working out isn't the same...but I will get there again. I'm always here when you need me.
Okay...I need to stop now, because I'm getting sad, and there are so many of you that have touched me and I cherish all your friendships. Shannon and all the girls from bible study, your intellect has helped me through some tough times and my faith is stronger because of you all. Diana, you could always make me laugh. I hope everything gets better for you. I hope you enjoy your new base. All the other military wives I've come to meet...I've enjoyed all my converations with you and all your experiences. My old friends from high school, wow...we have all grown so much. I'm so glad we were able to keep in touch. I hope to see you guys when I'm in Cali this summer. To Oz's family...I hope to hear more from you during this deployment so we could support each other.
I love you all and Cherish all my relationships with you.